Questions about the photo mosaic

Who can see my pictures?

Your order will be processed by us personally and is therefore visible to the Mosapics team. However, the individual images are automatically reduced, compressed and reformatted when uploading, so that your pictures are only available in small format.

Is there something I need to pay attention to for the main picture? Can it be a logo?

For a beautiful photomosaic, we recommend a main picture with many different colors and few details. Actually, there is hardly a picture with which we cannot make into a beautiful photomosaic! Of course, the main picture may also be a logo. The image can also be relatively small for the photomosaic. If there are any difficulties, we will address them with you.

Do the colors of the individual images have to match the colors of the main picture?

Different colors are not a problem. If the colors do not match, we will adjust the colors so that the main picture stays true to color.

Are all uploaded individual images used in my photomosaic?

In general, each image is used at least once in your photo mosaic. Unless more pictures were uploaded than the amount that would fit in the photo mosaic.

How many pictures do I need?

More than 50 individual images are optimal, regardless of the product size. Generally, approximately 1500 – 2500 pictures fit into a mosaic. The possibilities range from a single image to thousands! The more images available for the project, the fewer repetitions there are in your photomosaic and the more clearly the main picture can be displayed.

Do you offer mosaics on postcards or as puzzles?

Theoretically, it’s possible to create mosaics in smaller formats. However, the individual images would hardly be recognizable. Since we want to offer our customers only products of the highest quality, we do not offer mosaic postcards and puzzles.

What size are the individual images?

We adjust the size of the individual images according to the image format, the number of images, and the type of the main image. They usually lie at an edge length of 1/8” to 1”.